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An easy way to define approval process templates and work templates.

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ActionProgram Manager Plus ("APM Plus") is our main application. It provides a standard yet flexible process life cycle for defining and approving proposed projects and project plans, and for managing the resources necessary to work those plans. Its powerful template feature makes it possible for managers to capture repeatable process steps for project approvals and also project tasks.

The APM Plus Basic Project Life Cycle

To support this workflow, APM Plus is organized into 5 basic project phases: proposal, planning, plan approval, work and review, and completion. The proposal phase and the plan approval phase both include a user-defined approval process. Up-to-date project information is quickly available through dozens of customizable charts and reports.

The basic project life cycle is illustrated in the following figure:

ActionProgram Manager Plus Basic Project
	  Life Cycle
APM Plus Basic Project Life Cycle – (Click image to view full-size)

Each stage in this life cycle can be as simple or complex as your project portfolio. When combined with the APM Plus templates feature, you not only have flexibility, but you can repeat it at will and make adjustments as needed.

APM Plus Templates for Approval Processes and Project Tasks

The real power and flexibility of this application becomes evident once you have defined workflow processes such as approval tasks and project work tasks. Tasks can be captured into templates and used one per project, or as many times as you need. The result is increased productivity, standardized processes, and better service quality. The savings realized can be significant.

Templates are the key to consistent process, reliable performance analysis, and policy automation.

APM Plus User Support


APM Plus gives management the ability to plan, control, and monitor projects from start to finish, throughout the entire life cycle. Now you can manage all change requests, approvals, programs and projects, their related tasks, the resources working those tasks, and the costs involved.

Project Managers and Business Analysts

Project managers and business analysts have control and visibility throughout the planning and working project phases.

Project Manager Chart Dashboard
Project Management Chart Dashboard – (Click image to view full-size)

The chart located in the lower-left corner is especially valuable. That's the "Company Over/Under" chart. The heavy black dashes show the project manager the resources that are available. The colored bars show how many resources are required for each proposed project within the same time period. This makes it possible to see at a glance where you have resource availability and shortages.

Task Workers

Task workers do not need to learn the entire application! They can easily be trained to use the new forms in their existing environment, for significant savings.

Assigned task workers have a familiar and convenient interface that allows them to enter their work time and expenses directly from their task while they're working. The project plan is updated in real time when workers record their time-at-work and expenses. This is the key to reliable, up-to-date project reporting.

You can even create tasks that will take the user directly to another ITSM application and the specific form they need in order to complete their tasks. Small savings in time add up to big savings in dollars.

See a Demo or Try Our Applications for Yourself!

Nothing we can write, and nothing we can show in screenshots will do full justice to the experience of using these applications, and actually seeing for yourself the complete picture of all your proposed and active projects – in real time.

To schedule a live web demo or obtain login access to our application sandbox, please call us at 310-230-1722.