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BMC Remedy Technology Alliance Partners

Project Remedies was founded in 1993 as a Remedy Action Request System reseller located in Southern California. As a successful reseller, PRI began creating its own solutions based on the BMC Remedy Action Request System platform. All PRI clients use the Action Request System. Today, as BMC Technology Alliance Partner, PRI has expanded out of SoCal, and is an international provider of IT demand, cost, and resource management, and time and expense tracking solutions.

Completing the BMC ITSM Suite

BMC and PRI have joined forces to resolve IT resource management issues without the need for a costly, time-consuming, major integration project.

The BMC IT Service Management (ITSM) suite manages intake and the tasks generated from small- to medium-sized requests very well, satisfying IT service management needs. BMC also does an excellent job with systems, hardware, and network resource management issues.

However, there is a big difference between managing IT services and managing the development of new and improved applications, and this difference is the gap in BMC's solutions. BMC does not provide any database or application development program management tools. They "monitor" systems and applications to meet pre-defined business and IT service level agreements.

PRI's applications fill this gap. The following illustrations show how PRI completes the BMC ITSM suite:


Completing large and complex requests, such as new application development, requires an enhanced level of portfolio and program management. This is a cost and resource management capability not immediately available from the ITSM suite. By adding the PRI applications to this environment, the ITSM suite can easily be expanded into a complete Demand Management, Cost Management, and Resource Management system.

Because we use the BMC Remedy Action Request System as our base, PRI's applications are able to satisfy the business process need for seemless integration between project and portfolio management and the BMC ITSM suite. We provide an enterprise-wide view of demand, costs, and resources, with the ability to quickly drill down into details.

PRI does not address hardware or network resource management needs, because BMC already does that so well. Instead, we support BMC's ITSM suite by offering a computer-aided project and portfolio management framework. We automate and integrate project and program management thus reducing "errors" and defects, delivering projects on time and within budget. We give our clients the critical benefit of a disciplined approach through workflow templates and shared "standards" of project and organizational performance.

PRI's tools help manage human and cost demand for new and/or improved services such as developing new applications, updating existing applications, and solving user problems. We support ITSM with the discipline of an integrated workflow process framework, rather than trying to change corporate culture. Projects tend to fail for cultural and communication reasons, not technical. Changing corporate culture is very difficult, but it's unnecessary when using PRI's project and portfolio management framework, and project communications are built into the workflow process.

PRI fills the gap in BMC's enterprise offerings by combining BMC's ITSM strengths and our project and portfolio management strengths, for the benefit of all our clients.


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