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Enterprise Action Management Suite (EAMS)

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Cyber Action Suite

Enterprise Action Management Suite:

Service Manager
An easy way to define approval process templates and work templates.

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PRI has eliminated the need for the dreaded integration project! Our Enterprise Action Management Suite was developed with – and for – the same platform as BMC's IT Service Management (ITSM) Suite; EAMS is compatible with Remedy ARS 7.5.

This is the only project management software available with Remedy as its native environment; this is not another disparate system. Now you can leverage your existing investment in the Remedy ITSM Suite, giving management a complete view of ALL demand, resources, work, and costs on proposed as well as active projects.

This is the project view that finally allows IT to align its activities with the business goals of the enterprise.

The Enterprise Action Management Suite includes the following applications:

ActionProgram Manager Plus

ActionProgram Manager Plus ("APM Plus") is our main software application. It provides a standard yet flexible process life cycle for defining and approving proposed projects and project plans, and for managing the resources necessary to work those plans. Its powerful template feature makes it possible for managers to capture repeatable process steps for project approvals and also project tasks.

MS Project Import/Export Interface

Also included in the Enterprise Action Management Suite is our easy-to-use, bi-directional MS Project Import/Export Interface. This is an optional add-on application that allows you to import project plans from Microsoft Project into APM Plus, and export project plans out of APM Plus and into Microsoft Project.

Once your project is imported into APM Plus, you can complete the detailed project plan, approve the project plan, and work and review the project plan.

If you want to view an APM Plus project plan offline, or if you need to share a project plan with users who have MS Project but no access to APM Plus, use the MS Project export feature.

Pre-defined Links With BMC Remedy's ITSM Suite

The Enterprise Action Management Suite also takes advantage of our common platform with Remedy. It includes our latest development, linking the APM Plus forms with BMC's Change Management, Asset Management, and Service Request Management applications.

This gives you the ability, for example, to add a button to the Task form that will take the worker directly from the task to an Asset Management form, where they can enter or view specific asset information pertinent to the task at hand. When they are done, they close the asset form and continue working their tasks.

See a Demo or Try Our Applications for Yourself!

Nothing we can write, and nothing we can show in screenshots will do full justice to the experience of using these applications, and actually seeing for yourself the complete picture of all your proposed and active projects – in real time.

To schedule a live web demo or obtain login access to our application sandbox, please call us at 310-230-1722.