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Microsoft Project Import/Export Interface

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The main application in PRI's Enterprise Action Management Suite is ActionProgram Manager Plus ("APM Plus"). APM Plus provides a standard process life cycle for defining and approving proposed projects and project plans, and for managing the resources necessary to execute those plans. It was developed with, and runs on, the BMC Remedy Action Request System.

Microsoft Project Interface

Microsoft ("MS") Project is a popular project management tool with a large user base that provides the ability to develop quick proposal estimates and project plans. PRI now offers an interface to import and export project plans between MS Project and APM Plus.

PRI developed the APM Plus – MS Project Import/Export interface for clients who need the convenience of being able to import legacy projects and to work on projects in one application, and then export them into the other for various reasons.

APM Plus Project Plan in MS
APM Plus Project Plan Exported to Microsoft Project

The MS Project interface supports the ability to quickly import an MS Project file (.mpp) into APM Plus, where you can complete detailed project planning and approvals, work the project tasks, and review project data.

APM Plus project plans can be exported into MS Project for the convenience of sharing them with project personnel who may not have access to APM Plus, for working on quick project plan sketches, and for the convenience of being able to study project plans while working offline from APM Plus.

This interface gives you the flexibility of Microsoft Project while working with your Remedy data in a robust project management system.

To Import an MS Project into APM Plus

The following steps and screenshots show how easy this process can be. (Click on the images below to view full size.)

  1. Create the APM Plus destination project record.

    APM:MSProject Interface Form
  2. Select an MS Project MPP file to import.

    Select MPP
  3. Process the selected MPP project. Use the MPP Record Counts fields to verify that there were no errors in processing.
    Import Process Tab After Processing the MPP
  4. Map the MPP Project resources to corresponding resources in APM Plus. You can apply and modify an existing map or create a new map. Resource maps can be reused on other projects.
  5. Apply the map to the MPP import project.
    Name Resolution Information Table with Resource Mapping Applied.
  6. Import the MPP Project (Create Project).
    APM:MSProject Interface Form After Importing the MPP File
  7. Display the imported MPP Project in the APM:Projects form. The project is now ready for the detailed project planning, approval, and working phases in APM Plus.
    The APM Plus APM:Projects Form After Importing the MPP File

To Export an APM Plus Project Plan into MS Project

This is a relatively simple step that is performed on the Export Process tab of the APM:MSProject Interface form. Project plan data is exported in the XML format, which can be read by MS Project.

The APM Plus Project Plan Exported and Opened in MS Project

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