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The PRI Process

There is an old saying that to be successful one should plan the work and work the plan. Believing in this philosophy, Project Remedies Inc. has developed a tried-and-true consulting methodology called the RDDI process. RDDI provides our clients with a road map for their project. This process, combined with our team approach, ensures a quality solution.

The RDDI Process

The premise of PRI's methodology is based upon years of experience in the AR SystemT environment. There are four phases: Requirements, Design, Development and Implementation (RDDI). Each phase includes pre-defined steps that are then tailored to suit the project requirements. RDDI is flexible, adaptable, and scalable to any type of project, from a software upgrade to developing a new custom application. Project Remedies Inc. uses RDDI internally to develop its own software products. The RDDI process is PRI's foundation for building a quality solution for all our clients.

Statement of Work

Project Remedies Inc. begins every project with a Statement of Work. It provides our clients with a thorough summary of their project, the plan to accomplish their objective, and the associated costs. A standard companion document to the Statement of Work is the Project Plan. The Project Plan is the initial documentation of the RDDI process, customized for the project. The Project Plan details the activities needed in each stage of the project. Of course, every project demands time and effort from our clients to be successful. So the Project Plan identifies not just Project Remedie's time and effort but also the resources required from our clients.

Project Schedule

Once the Statement of Work is approved, Project Remedies Inc. builds a detailed Project Schedule that provides specific dates, duration, and responsibility for the activities in the Project Plan. The Project Schedule becomes the day-to-day management document for the project, the basis of weekly project team status meetings to review progress and to prepare for the next phase of work.