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Serving the Public Sector

PRI recognizes that federal and other government agencies and organizations are confronting real pressure from Congress and the Administration to cut costs. We support the public sector by providing an innovative, effective solution for meeting the expected budget constraints and operational challenges of the near-future.

PRI's applications are developed in the USA.

Public Sector Clients

The following is a partial list of our public sector clients:

  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • District of Columbia
  • International Monetary Fund

We also support Department of Defense Agencies, intelligence agencies, and other public sector organizations.

Time is money and the minutes add up fast.

There are numerous cost justfications for implementing a project oriented approach, but one is the time savings by your technical staff.

For example, if 150 people save an average of 10 minutes a day by looking in one place for correct and current project plan information, and their cost overhead is valued at $100 per hour, the savings is $625,000 per year.

Every year. From just 10 minutes a day.

"Federal Performance Architecture: Cooperative and Optimized Performance Analytic Capabilities in Federal Agencies and Oversight"

by Drs. David Paschane and Ashish Joshi, addressing the need for Federal managers to create a framework that simplifies performance reporting and optimizes performance knowledge.

Repeatable performance processes? We do that.

Managers need control over their processes? We do that too.

The President is calling for all Federal agencies to be accountable and transparent, the OMB Director is calling for empirical evaluation of program effectiveness, and the Federal CIO is promoting innovative, cost-effective, transparent engagement with citizens.

If you need to increase efficiency, lower costs, and create a workable culture of accountability within the public sector, call us today.

Experienced Partners

We understand the need for increased accountability and leveraging operational efficiencies. Since 1993, Project Remedies Inc. has worked with government agencies and commercial organizations on a wide range of projects. We work with DOD and intelligence agencies and other public sector organizations to improve their help desk services while making the most of their resources.

Project-Oriented Customer Service

As U.S. federal agencies and commercial IT organizations strive to apply increased operational effeciencies to more complex – and mission critical – customer requests, maintaining consistency, quality, and a focus on controlling costs become essential management goals.

A Proven and Innovative Approach

In many cases, what appears to be a simple help desk incident may actually require project management to complete effectively and efficiently. Project-Oriented Customer Service incorporates a robust set of best practices and a proven methodology to create a seamless help desk-to-project response capability.

Our approach to managing and streamlining help desk project costs and related work tasks uses a proven, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution with built-in accountability and transparency.

This allows you to improve quality, lower your cost of operations, and foster a culture of accountability.

ROI for the Public Sector

Using Project Remedies' applications for project-oriented customer service results in quick ROI for the publice sector. The following white paper describes how: "Implementing Project Oriented Customer Service". You can create a seamless helpdesk-to-project response capability and reduce your operational costs, while increasing service and customer satisfaction.

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To schedule a custom, live web demo and sandbox access, please call us at 310-230-1722/703-728-5465.

PRI Public Sector Contact Information

Stan Feinstein

PRI President

Stan Feinstein