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Resource Management

In an IT environment, your resources are your most important assets. PRI applications track resources at two levels.

When planning your work for the future, you want to consider all proposed projects, decide on the most important ones, and then see if you have the resources necessary to do these projects. This is a high-level, macro view of resources. Here you are looking at resources at the skills level, comparing the number of people necessary to do the work with the number of people you have.

Immediate projects, ones being worked now or in the near future, require a more detailed view of resources. Individual people are assigned to specific tasks which are scheduled to occur at specific times. You know the times because ActionProgram Manager includes a critical path method date calculator, which keeps your project plans current.

The resource management charts in Action Program Manager Plus ("APM Plus", which is part of Enterprise Action Management Suite) show how busy each person is. One user asked: "Have you ever seen an ERP system produce an ERP?" Pointing to the resource charts, he said; "This is an enterprise resource plan."

Resource availability inventory chart
Resource Availability Inventory

Resource availability inventory
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If you have integrated ActionProgram Manager Plus with Remedy's Help Desk application, each assigned task can be seen in the person's Support Console, along with their help desk tasks (and change tasks if you are also using Change Management).

The Resource Management charts summary showing skill by department is very useful, because it shows the departments that need help (if any).  This is called a "horizontal and vertical resource view."

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