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Software Screenshots & Illustrations

ActionProgram Manager Plus ("APM Plus")

ActionProgram Manager Plus provides a standard process life cycle for defining and approving proposed projects and project plans, and for managing the resources necessary to execute those plans.

The following screenshots show a number of forms, charts, and reports from this powerful application.

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Proposed Project Forms, Charts, and Reports

Configuration Form

Use the PMA:Configuration form to configure the ActionProgram Manager Plus working environment with the project variables required for your business.

Inventory Form

The PMA:Inventory form displays all of the proposed and active projects projects that meet the criteria you specify in a query. It allows you to quickly review the current status of proposed and active projects at a glance.

Proposed Projects Form

This is the main proposed project form. Use it to define, configure, review, and approve proposed projects. Three of its tabs are shown below.

Enter more descriptive information about the project in the General tab:

We developed APM Plus to allow you to define and approve proposed projects and project plans, work project tasks, and track the hours spent on those tasks. It supports all of the processes and communication required to move from proposed project to the project planning and working phases.

After the proposed project has been approved, the next step is to implement the proposed project as a project plan. Once that has been done you can complete the detailed project planning phase, approve the plan, work the project plan tasks, and monitor project status information through charts and reports in real time. (See Diagram)

When you click the Implement Project Plan button on the Planning Tab, the project schedule is created. The Current Gate Level changes from Gate 3 Approved to Planning, and the Show Project Plan button appears on the form. The proposed project is now a project plan. It is ready for detailed planning, plan approval, and working the project tasks.


Proposed Project Charts & Reports

The data collected in the PMA:ProposedProjects form is used for charting proposed and active projects, and the resources working on proposed projects.

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Project Plan, Approval, and Work Forms, Charts, and Reports

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Project Charts & Reports

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Project Remedies and BMC Remedy

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