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PRI's Applications:

Cyber Action Suite

Enterprise Action Management Suite:

Service Manager
An easy way to define approval process templates and work templates.

More Application Info:

Project Remedies Inc. offers a complete line of software applications that integrate directly with the BMC Remedy Action Request System. We provide project management functionality, including real-time status visibility, that is simply not available anywhere else. Not even from Remedy.

PRI's Unique Value: Controlling Your Costs

The unique value of our products is found in features that allow you to increase efficiency, lower costs, and create a culture of accountability.

Project Management on
APM Plus Project Plan (click to enlarge)

For example, click on the image above. Note how the project record includes the planned project schedule and costs, the Baseline schedule and costs, and the actual project data. This allows you to quickly and easily compare the schedule and costs from the project plan against the actual costs, throughout the project.

The following features will go a long way towards helping you get all your project costs under control:

Leverage Your Remedy Investment

PRI provides the essential demand management, cost management, and resource management functionality that allows you to realize the full potential of your investment in Remedy.

Gantt Chart on Remedy
Gantt Chart for Project Management with Remedy Data

This is the only project management available on Remedy.

Complete Project Life Cycle Support

PRI's applications support the complete project life cycle: from the initial request through defining and approving proposed projects, and then planning, approving, working, and reviewing detailed projects plans.

Yes, that means Gantt charts and Resource Management charts on Remedy.

Yes, that means complete Earned Value Reporting on Remedy.

See a Demo or Try Our Applications for Yourself!

Nothing we can write, and nothing we can show in screenshots that will do full justice to the experience of using these applications, and actually seeing the complete picture of all your proposed and active projects – in real time.

To schedule a live web demo or obtain login access to our application sandbox, please call us at 310-230-1722.