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The Professional Services Team

With more than 150 AR SystemT consulting implementations to draw upon, our experience has proven that a quality implementation results from putting together a team of qualified professionals with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Project Remedies' first step in building a successful partnership with every client is constructing a project team. This team consists of three pivotal roles: account representative, project manager, and lead developer. We also utilize AR System architects and a central development team to bring expertise and a diverse pool of resources to client projects.

Account Representative

Focused on the overall relationship, this team member works with our clients to ensure satisfaction before, during, and after the project is completed.

Project Manager

This team member assumes overall responsibility for the project and becomes the Project Remedies Inc. point person for our client. The project manager's mission is to deliver a quality solution on time and on budget.

Lead Developer

The lead developer focuses on delivering a quality technical solution for our client's application requirements. This person works closely with the project manager on the scope and design of a client's application to achieve quality results.

AR System Architects

Project Remedies is one of the oldest and most experienced solution providers for the Action Request System. Project Remedies' architects draw on this in-depth knowledge of the AR System to design elegant and streamlined solutions for the most difficult application requirements.

Central Team Advantage

Our central development team brings a depth and breadth of resources to our clients' projects. This brain trust of IT professionals provides the right skills, knowledge, and experience to rapidly produce the best solution. No single person can be an expert in all the skills necessary to create a quality solution. A central team approach allows developers with specific expertise to focus on those specific components of a project. This approach provides our clients with a team of the best-and-brightest selected for their specific project. Additionally, our central team approach provides the benefit of a consultative environment for the developers themselves. PRI's two-hour rule requires developers to consult with other members of the team when a technical problem isn't resolved within two business hours. This approach preserves schedule and costs while producing elegant technical solutions. Our central team of resources include AR System, UNIX, Windows, Linux, C++, Perl, scripting, web, Visual Basic, DDE, and report writing skills.